Friday, June 3, 2011

Dwyane Wade Getting Shot in the Eye

"Like a scene out of Shawshank Redemption, Dwyane Wade reaches out to express the deepest emotions within. Except here, there ain't no raining involved." - Me, KevinTheW, about 5 minutes ago.

Watching D-Wade pull his best flopping Bunny man moment from Donnie Darko really inspired me to post the gif on the left and pretend I'm interested at all in this post-Bobcats' universe.

As a Bobcats fan, who do you root for in a scenario such as this -- the large-market Dallas team, fronting a feisty owner, a large German man with protruding forehead, and NBA Jam: TE's own Jason Kidd or the WWE's own Miami Heat. The Heat, at least, are shown to have acting talents as expressed to the left of this page. But do their C-level talents muster enough flavor to bring out the savoriness I expect in a finals team?

I don't know.Justify Full

I do know that Dallas' color scheme is far less matchy-match than the Heat's obnoxious orange-yellow/red palette. Then again, orange is the color of our favorite team flavor -- so I am conflicted.

Who do I turn to? Do I turn to the umame, the savory sweet that the Dallas brings with their rugged, aged core? Or do I go with the kitsch, the cheese -- the so-called Glitzentruppe -- of the Hollywood Heat?

As a Bobcat, this discussion becomes my solace knowing full well that our front office will likely draft future overpaid NBA journeyman and DeSagana Diop clone Bismack Biyombo.